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A Zero Trust Company

IT Fed Sales is a trusted partner that focuses on the Identity pillar of the CISA Zero Trust Architecture.  We specialize in Identity Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM).  We empower federal agencies to fortify a Least Privileged Access (LPA) security posture in an ever-evolving digital landscape.  We work with government agencies to design and implement identity-based solutions that enable our federal customers to create a secure environment based on a LPA strategy for On-Premise, Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and Hybrid computing environments.

We Are IT Fed Sales

Complex Technologies, Powerful Outcomes

We offer a multidisciplinary approach that combines an in-depth understanding of the technology with creative problem-solving and effective collaboration among experts from various fields to harness its full potential.

Our approach is focused on the Identity Pillar of the CISA Zero Trust Architecture and, more importantly, within three specific areas: Identity and Access Management, Privileged Access Management, and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management.


Deep Connections

IT Fed Sales has almost 100 years of combined experience building deep relationships throughout the Federal Government space.  These long-standing relationships are pivotal as they can provide valuable insights, access to decision-makers, and partnerships that streamline complex business processes.

Never underestimate the importance of working with a partner who thoroughly understands the federal procurement process and can get access to key decision-makers.

The Value We Offer


Given the expansive scope of Zero Trust, no single organization possesses comprehensive expertise across all five pillars.  Our skills lie squarely within the Identity pillar.  Leveraging our proven track record, we’re able to provide valuable insights and practical solutions.


Our military background has instilled a deep sense of discipline in every aspect of our lives, especially our mission with IT Fed Sales.  We strive to execute our daily activities crisply and precisely.  The benefit our customers see is consistency in our actions and results.


Integrity is both a skill and character trait, which is developed over a series of years and situations.  For IT Fed Sales,  integrity guides our every step, both internally as we work on complicated federal projects and externally with each individual we encounter .

Where We Focus

Cloud computing is changing the way applications, services, and data are deployed and managed throughout the US Federal Government.  This technology enables federal agencies to operate with remarkable agility compared to traditional on-premise solutions.  Yet, it’s creating new and complex challenges that must be overcome to comply with the CISA 2027 Zero Trust mandate.

Zero Trust encompasses five distinct pillars of technology, including Identity, Devices, Networks, Applications, and Data.  We believe concentrating on the Identity pillar allows us to provide specialized expertise in addressing the intricate issues related to identity for both individuals and machine entities. Our focus includes the three following topics:


Identity Access Management

Strong identity verification and access controls, ensuring that only authorized individuals or systems can access cloud resources. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and role-based access control (RBAC) are often used to enforce access policies.


Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a specialized subset of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and focuses on managing and securing access for privileged users, such as administrators, with elevated rights and access to critical systems and data.


Cloud Entitlement Management

The adoption of multi-cloud computing has become a strategic imperative.  Federal Agencies are increasingly drawn to the unique benefits of Cloud computing.  Yet, their diverse technologies have created a complex maze of identity and access management challenges.

The Federal Agencies We Serve

With almost twenty years of experience, IT Fed Sales has worked with many agencies throughout the Federal Government.  Our expertise lies in addressing the agency’s needs with the best solution.  Below is a sample list of Federal agencies we serve:

Technology Partners